Dwarf Fortress: How to Make Mugs and Other Useful Items

dwarf fortress how to make mugs

Dwarf Fortress is a complex, open-ended simulation game that lets you create and manage a successful dwarf settlement. It’s known for its steep learning curve and detailed gameplay mechanics. Among the many skills and tasks available to your dwarf fortress how to make mugs and other useful items is essential for your fort’s economy and your dwarfs’ happiness. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to make mugs and explore other useful items you can create.

Making Mugs

  1. Raw Materials: First, you need to collect the necessary materials for making mugs. Mugs can be made from various materials, including stone, wood, clay, glass, and metal. You can mine stone, cut down trees for wood, or gather clay from the riverbanks. If you want to make glass or metal mugs, you will need additional resources and workshops.
  2. Workshops: Depending on the material you choose, you will need to set up different workshops. For stone and wood mugs, a Mason’s or Carpenter’s Workshop will do. For clay mugs, you’ll need a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop and a kiln to fire the clay. Glass mugs require a Glass Furnace and a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop. For metal mugs, you need a Metalsmith’s Forge.
  3. Assigning Labors: Once your workshop is ready, you need to assign the appropriate labor to your dwarfs. Assign the Masonry labor for stone mugs, Carpentry for wood mugs, Pottery for clay mugs, Glassmaking for glass mugs, and Metalcrafting for metal mugs.
  4. Creating Mugs: In the workshop, select the option to make mugs. You can either make mugs one at a time or queue up several mugs to be produced in a batch. Each mug requires one unit of raw material.
  5. Selling Mugs: After your mugs are crafted, you can trade them with visiting merchants or use them in your fortress. Mugs are a valuable commodity and can fetch a good price in trade.

Other Useful Items

Apart from mugs, there are many other items you can make in Dwarf Fortress. Here are a few examples:

  1. Furniture: Beds, chairs, tables, and cabinets are essential for your dwarfs’ comfort and happiness. Woodworkers, stonemasons, and metalworkers can make furniture from wood, stone, or metal in the appropriate workshops.
  2. Weapons and Armor: Equip your dwarfs with weapons and armor to defend against hostile creatures or invading forces. At the Metalsmith’s Forge, you can make weapons and armor from various metals.
  3. Clothes: Keep your dwarfs warm and stylish with clothes made from cloth, leather, or silk. A Clothier’s Shop or Leather Works can make clothes.
  4. Food and Drinks: Ensure your dwarfs have enough food and drink by preparing meals and brewing alcohol. You can perform these tasks at a Kitchen or Still..
  5. Crafts: Create crafts like figurines, amulets, and crowns to trade with merchants or decorate your fortress. At a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop, craftsdwarves use various materials to make crafts.
dwarf fortress


In conclusion, making mugs and other useful items is essential for a successful Dwarf Fortress. Whether you’re trading them, using them to equip your dwarfs, or simply decorating your fortress, these items are a vital part of your fortress economy and dwarf happiness. With the right workshops, labor assignments, and materials, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a wide variety of items in your fortress.


Q: Why do I need mugs in Dwarf Fortress?

A: Mugs are drinking vessels that dwarves can use when consuming alcohol. Alcohol is essential for dwarves, as it boosts their happiness, productivity, and health. Without mugs, dwarves will drink alcohol directly from barrels, which can cause them to have unhappy thoughts and lower their morale. Having enough mugs in your fortress can prevent this problem and keep your dwarves happy.

Q: How do I make mugs in Dwarf Fortress?

A: You can make mugs from various materials, such as rock, wood, metal, or glass. The most common and easy materials are rock and wood, as they are abundant and easy to obtain. To make rock mugs or wooden cups, you need to build a Craftdwarf’s Workshop and assign a dwarf with the Stonecrafting or Woodcrafting labor enabled. Then, you can select the workshop, choose “add new task”, and select “rock” or “wood” to open the menu where the vessels are listed. Alternatively, you can use the work order menu to create a new work order and search for “rock mug” or “wooden cup”.

Q: What are some other useful items that I can make in Dwarf Fortress? 

A: There are many other items that you can make in Dwarf Fortress that can improve your fortress and your dwarves’ lives.

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