How to Clean Your Revlon Hair Dryer Brush: Maintenance Tips

how to clean your revlon


Revlon hair dryer brushes have become a go-to gadget for many people looking for salon-quality hair at home. With the combined benefits of a brush and a dryer, these devices are both versatile and incredibly efficient. However, like all hair tools, your Revlon hair dryer brush needs regular cleaning to ensure it performs at its peak. This comprehensive guide will offer step-by-step advice on how to clean your Revlon hair dryer brush and offer additional maintenance tips for long-lasting performance.

Why Regular Cleaning is Crucial

You may be wondering why there’s a need for frequent cleaning of your hair dryer brush. Apart from the obvious hygiene reasons, regular cleaning also improves the device’s longevity and ensures you’re not blasting your hair with accumulated bacteria and product build-up.

What You’ll Need: The Cleaning Toolkit

To get started on cleaning your Revlon hair dryer brush, you’ll need some basic items that you probably already have in your home. These include a soft cloth, warm water, gentle soap, and perhaps a toothbrush for those hard-to-reach spots.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Cleaning

Cleaning your Revlon hair dryer brush isn’t rocket science but requires careful steps to ensure its longevity. Let’s break down the process from start to finish.

Detaching the Attachments

Some Revlon models allow you to remove certain attachments. If possible, do so to ensure a thorough cleaning process.

Cleaning the Bristles

Your hair products and natural oils can build up on the bristles. Learn how to properly clean them without causing any damage.

How to Clean Your Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Caring for the Air Vents

The air vents are a critical part of your Revlon hair dryer brush, and if they get clogged, your device could overheat. Here’s how to clean them effectively.

Sanitizing the Handle and Buttons

We often forget these parts, but they need attention too! A quick wipe-down with a sanitizer can go a long way.

Additional Maintenance Tips

Aside from regular cleaning, there are other ways to ensure your Revlon hair dryer brush stays in top condition for years to come.

Store It Properly

Proper storage can significantly impact your device’s lifespan. Keep it in a cool, dry place, and avoid wrapping the cord tightly around it.

Regular Checks

Periodically check your device for any signs of wear and tear, and replace any parts if necessary.

Keep the Receipt and Warranty

It’s always good to have your receipt and warranty on hand for any future issues. Most Revlon hair dryer brushes come with a generous warranty, so make sure you take advantage of it.


Your Revlon hair dryer brush is an investment in your beauty routine. Proper cleaning and maintenance not only help to extend its lifespan but also ensure that you’re getting the best performance out of it. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your device as efficient and effective as the day you bought it.


Ideally, you should aim to clean your brush every two to four weeks, depending on how often you use it.

A gentle soap or shampoo without harsh chemicals is usually best for cleaning the bristles.

If your device allows for it, yes. Always refer to your specific model’s manual for detailed instructions.

If you’re noticing a decline in performance, strange noises, or visible wear and tear, it may be time to replace your device.

Make sure it is thoroughly dry before plugging it in again to prevent any electrical issues.

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