A Comprehensive Guide: How to Remove Pex clamps

How to Remove Pex clamps


PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing has revolutionized the world of plumbing, offering a flexible and durable alternative to traditional copper pipes. Alongside its rise in popularity, the need to understand its accessories, such as PEX clamps, has also grown. This guide dives into the steps to safely and effectively remove PEX clamps.

What Are PEX Clamps?

PEX clamps, also known as rings or cinches, are essential components in the PEX plumbing system. They ensure that the tubing remains attached securely to the fittings. There are mainly two types:

  • Cinch Clamps: Stainless steel rings tightened around the PEX tubing with a special tool. They can be identified by a distinct tab.
  • Crimp Clamps: Usually made of copper or brass, these rings are crimped around the PEX tubing. They don’t have a specific tab like cinch clamps.

Tools Required for Clamp Removal

  1. PEX clamp removal tool or needle-nose pliers
  2. Safety glasses
  3. Work gloves

Safety First

Before embarking on the removal process, always ensure you’re wearing safety glasses and gloves. This not only prevents potential injuries but also ensures a clean working environment.

Removing Cinch Clamps

  1. Identify the Tab: Spot the tab on the cinch clamp, which is the tightened section.
  2. Using the Removal Tool: Place the PEX clamp removal tool on the cinch clamp’s tab.
  3. Squeeze and Release: Press the tool’s handles together. This action will cut or break the tab, releasing the clamp’s grip on the PEX tubing.

Taking Off Crimp Clamps

  1. Target the Crimped Area: Unlike cinch clamps, crimp clamps don’t have a tab. Focus on any part of the crimped ring.
  2. Use Pliers or Removal Tool: Grab a section of the crimp clamp and twist or pull it open. If it doesn’t budge, carefully cut through without damaging the PEX tubing.

Post-removal Steps

  1. Detach the Fitting: Once the clamp is off, remove the tubing from the fitting. If it doesn’t come off easily, you may have to cut it away.
  2. Inspect for Reuse: Check the fitting for any damages. If you wish to reuse it, ensure it’s in perfect condition.

Steps to Remove PEX Clamps:

  1. Safety First: Before starting, put on safety glasses and gloves to prevent any injuries.
  2. Identify the Clamp Type:
    • Cinch Clamps (also called pinch or crimp clamps): These are rings made of stainless steel and are tightened around the PEX tubing using a special cinch tool. They have a tab on one side where they were cinched.
    • Crimp Clamps (also called ring clamps): These are usually copper or brass rings that are crimped around the PEX tubing using a crimp tool.
  3. For Cinch Clamps:
    • Locate the tab on the cinch clamp. This is the section where the clamp was tightened.
    • Use the PEX clamp removal tool, and place it onto the tab of the cinch clamp.
    • Squeeze the tool’s handles together, which will cut or break the tab, releasing the pressure on the PEX tubing.
    • If you don’t have a specific clamp removal tool, needle-nose pliers might work, but it can be more challenging.
  4. For Crimp Clamps:
    • There’s no specific tab to target as with cinch clamps. Instead, you’ll target an area of the crimped ring.
    • Using the PEX clamp removal tool or a pair of pliers, try to grab onto a section of the crimp clamp and twist or pull it open.
    • If you can’t get it to budge, another option is to carefully cut through the crimp ring without damaging the PEX tube or fitting using a small cutting tool.
  5. Remove the Fitting: Once the clamp is off, you should be able to remove the PEX tubing from the fitting. If the tubing doesn’t easily come off, you may need to carefully cut it away without damaging the fitting, especially if you want to reuse the fitting.
  6. Inspect the Fitting: If you’re planning to reuse the fitting, inspect it for any damage or signs of wear. If there’s any damage, it’s best to replace it to ensure a proper and leak-free connection when re-installing.
  7. Reinstall: If you’re reconnecting the PEX tubing, ensure the tubing and fitting are clean, then install a new clamp and secure it using the appropriate tool.
crimp clamps


Understanding the intricacies of the PEX plumbing system is essential for homeowners and professionals alike. By knowing how to remove PEX clamps properly, you ensure a longer lifespan for your plumbing and reduce potential future issues. Always prioritize safety and use the right tools for the job.


Manufacturers make cinch clamps out of stainless steel and they have a distinct tab. They tighten these clamps around the PEX tubing using a special tool.

Yes, PEX fittings can often be reused if they are in good condition. After removal, it’s essential to inspect the fitting for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion.

Manufacturers design specific PEX clamp removal tools to make the process easier, but in some cases, you can also use standard tools like needle-nose pliers, especially for cinch clamps.

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