The Ultimate Guide: How to Add Spoiler in Facebook Messenger

how to add spoiler in messenger

Introduction: The Need for Spoilers in Messaging

Whether you’re discussing the latest movie twists or revealing surprising news, the ability to hide sensitive information is essential. Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger doesn’t offer a built-in spoiler tag feature. However, there are clever ways to work around it. Let’s delve in.

Use Creative Text Formatting

One simple approach is to make use of unique text formatting. Consider these:

  1. Inverted Text: Reverse your text so it needs to be deciphered.
  2. Zalgo Text: Utilize strange characters to obfuscate your message.

How to Use Inverted Text

  1. Visit an Inverter Tool: Go to a text inverter website, such as
  2. Enter Text and Copy: Place your text, invert it, and copy the new string.
  3. Paste in Messenger: Finally, paste the inverted text into the Messenger chat.

How to Use Zalgo Text

  1. Use a Zalgo Generator: Visit a Zalgo text generator online.
  2. Input and Convert: Type in your message and click to convert.
  3. Copy and Paste: As before, copy the new text and paste it into your Messenger chat.
how to add spoiler in messenger

Utilize Emojis or Special Characters

Another method is to make liberal use of emojis or special characters to hide the text.

Emoji Concealment

  1. Insert Emojis: Place emojis before and after your text.
  2. Instruct to Scroll: Tell the recipient to scroll past the emojis to see the spoiler.

Character Masking

  1. Use Characters: Place several special characters before your message.
  2. Reveal Instructions: Tell your chat partner to scroll to read the spoiler.

Implement the “Read More” Strategy

This approach is best for longer spoilers.

  1. Type Intro: Start your message with “Spoiler Alert: Read more to find out…”
  2. Add Text: Continue by typing your spoiler but stop midway.
  3. Send Second Message: Send the remaining part as a separate message, allowing the recipient to choose whether to read it.

Employ Third-Party Apps

  1. Download an App: Look for apps with spoiler tag features.
  2. Create a Spoiler: Use the app to craft a spoiler-protected message.
  3. Share the Link: Some apps generate a link; share this in Messenger.

Final Thoughts: Best Practices

  1. Be Explicit: Always make it clear that you’re sharing a spoiler.
  2. Double-Check: Before hitting send, make sure your method effectively hides the text.

In the absence of built-in features, these alternative methods will empower you to share spoilers thoughtfully in Facebook Messenger. Happy chatting!

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