Unraveling the Mystery: How Much is 3 Business Days?

how much is 3 business days

Ubiquity of “3 Business Days”

We’ve all been there: you order something online, and the confirmation email says it will arrive in “3 business days.” But what exactly does that mean? This phrase is commonly used in both the personal and business worlds, yet its implications can often be unclear. In this article, we’ll dissect what “3 business days” really means and how to calculate it effectively.

The Traditional Workweek: Monday to Friday

For most companies in the United States, a standard workweek runs from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends. When a service or product is said to take “3 business days,” it generally implies three days within this standard workweek.

Holiday Considerations

Public holidays can throw a wrench into the works. These are generally not counted as business days, so it’s essential to keep an eye on the calendar.

Federal Holidays

Remember to account for federal holidays, as most businesses are closed on these days.

Company-Specific Holidays

Some companies observe holidays that others do not. Always check with the specific business for their holiday schedule.

Start Day: To Count or Not to Count?

One common point of confusion is whether the day you make the order or the transaction is counted as one of the three business days. This often varies between companies.

Same-Day Processing

If a company offers same-day processing, then the day of the transaction may be counted as the first business day.

Next-Day Processing

For many companies, the processing starts the next business day, making that Day 1 in the count of “3 business days.”

Examples to Clarify

Let’s run through some scenarios to better understand how “3 business days” is calculated.

Scenario 1: Order on Monday, No Holidays

If you order on a Monday and there are no holidays, you can generally expect your order by Thursday.

Scenario 2: Order on Friday, No Holidays

Ordering on a Friday without any intervening holidays will typically result in a Wednesday delivery.

Scenario 3: Order Before a Long Weekend

If you order before a long weekend, that could push delivery into the next week.

Conclusion: Clearing the Fog

Understanding what is meant by “3 business days” can save you a lot of stress and confusion. Always remember to consider weekends, holidays, and the start day when calculating these days. With this information, you’ll be better prepared the next time you see this term and can plan accordingly.


Does “3 business days” include weekends?

No, “3 business days” does not include weekends. The term refers to standard business operating days, which are generally Monday through Friday. Weekends are typically not counted unless explicitly stated by the business.

How do federal holidays affect the count of business days”?

Federal holidays are generally not considered business days, as most businesses are closed. If a federal holiday falls within the timeframe when you are calculating business days,” you will need to add an extra day for each observed holiday. For example, if you place an order the day before a federal holiday, you may need to add one more day, making it a 4-business day wait instead of the standard 3.

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